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Strides in Collaboration with New PLM, Migration, & Data Translation Solutions
This month's Spotlight focuses on solutions for collaboration, data migration, and document management, including PDM, PLM, and data translation software.

For starters, there's been a lot in the way of "new" PLM with cloud-based solutions like Autodesk PLM 360 and their A360 collaboration platform. See "PLM is Dead, Long Live PLM," "Trailblazing Shorter Paths to PLM Value," and "Tech-Clarity Insight: The Basics of Managing CAD" to learn more about the benefits of cloud-based PLM. Also see our "Roundtable and Webinar: Is the new PLM right for you? Cloud, Saas and Dis-integration of PLM functions Open New Opportunities."

Arena Solutions has also continued their push as a pioneer for cloud-based PLM with Arena PLM and has an impressive customer base, including IoT companies GoPro and Fitbit. See, "Secrets to Success in the Hot IoT Space."

There seems to be a shift in more user-friendly options as well, with SaaS offerings like the cloud-based PropelPLM, built on the Salesforce platform. Also in the cloud, is Kenesto's alternative to pricey PDM with their document management and collaboration solution, Kenesto Drive.

Integration has improved as well, and continues to be a priority among vendors. Autodesk and Siemens announced plans to improve software interoperability earlier this year. Arena and XPLM Solutions also have initiatives in the works, along with Elysium and Aras.

Kubotek has also set out to solve interoperability issues with their new KCM 3D modeling kernel. See "Paul Stallings' Finest Hour: KCM."

In other integration news, Anark announced that Anark Core is now built into Inventor, enabling direct publishing of 3D PDF engineering documents and Technical Data Packages (TDP). With Anark's 3D MBE solutions, users can incorporate data from multiple sources including 3D CAD, PDM, and ERP systems.They can also easily transform heavy 3D CAD assemblies and product information into lightweight 3D PDFs and 3D HTML. Learn more about Anark in this on demand webinar, "The Power of 3D Model Based Manufacturing Process Planning and Work Instructions."

To see an example of how lightweight formats like Lattice Technology's XVL are being used on the shop floor, check out this case study on Tsubamex, "Collaboration Drives Ultra-Fast Order Turnaround and Reduces Man-Power by 90% for Die and Mold Company by Using XVL."

To learn more about the advantages and improvements in 3D PDF technology and how it has evolved over the last 10 years, read "The Second Wave of 3D PDFs" by Visual Technology Services.

We also recently caught up with Action Engineering, who will be running this year's 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress.

Last, our coverage wouldn't be complete without updates on data translation tools like Datakit, Theorem Solutions, ITI, and KISTERS. See ProtoTech's article on some of these toolkits, and all the latest news in this month's Spotlight.

ConnectPress would like to thank our sponsor Autodesk for making this Spotlight possible. If you are interested in this week's webinars, but can't make it, be sure to register anyway so you can access them on-demand later.
Data Interoperability Toolkits for Multi-CAD Collaboration and Migrations
By ProtoTech Solutions
ProtoTech Solutions highlights some of the solutions for translating files between CAD systems, including Datakit, Tech Soft 3D and CoreTechnologie.

2nd Wave of 3D PDF Applications is Here
By Ian Curington, Visual Technology Services
Visual Technology Services looks at how the 3D PDF has evolved over 10 years to include dynamic annotations, part attributes and labels.

Collaboration Drives Ultra-Fast Order Turnaround and Reduces Man-Power by 90% for Die and Mold Company by Using XVL from Lattice Technology
By Lattice Technology
Japanese manufacturer TSUBAMEX had a problem communicating design intent to the shop floor. They employed Lattice's XVL to fix that.

Action Engineering Takes Over 3DCIC, Addresses Challenges in Aerospace Collaboration
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
The 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress takes place in Colorado this week and will focus on commercial applications of model-based business.

Five Recommendations for Managing Legacy CATIA Data
By James Flerlage, ITI
The retirement of CATIA V4 on December 31, 2015 may have users upgrading. Here are some tips for updating and how ITI's CADfix may come in handy.

PLM is Dead, Long Live PLM
By Dan Raker, ConnectPress Publisher
Dan Raker looks at new PLM offerings like OpenBOM's task-oriented PLM, and cloud solutions, such as PropelPLM and Jitterbit, SaaS and more.

Product Lifecycle Beyond Managing CAD Management
By Jim Brown, Tech-Clarity
A survey examining the business value of PLM revealed that not only do top performers manage their CAD with PLM, but they do far more.

Progress and Hurdles in CAD Data Translation
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
A discussion with Theorem Solutions on progress and challenges in data translation tools and neutral file formats for multi-CAD collaboration.

Trailblazing Shorter Paths to PLM Value
By Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights
Chad Jackson offers a look into how cloud-based PLM is offering easier, faster, and cheaper solutions for businesses.

Updates from PDF3D: Office Plugin and New Website
Latest updates include Office and PowerPoint plugins for Windows 10 and Office 2016, as well as a Knowledge Center on the all-new website.

Is the New PLM Right for You? Cloud, Saas and Dis-integration of PLM Functions Opens New Opportunities
Announcement by ConnectPress
Taking this survey reserves your webinar seat for April 27, where we'll share results and cover new PLM opportunities like cloud, SaaS, and more.

The Power of 3D Model Based Manufacturing Process Planning and Work Instructions
Announcement by ConnectPress
On April 28th, learn how leading OEMs and suppliers are working with Anark's Model Based Enterprise approach to transform manufacturing operations.

Panzura Reports on State of CAD Collaboration in Manufacturing Industry
Press Release Issued by Panzura
The survey found that 50 percent of respondents are currently collaborating across multiple offices using CAD/CAM applications.

Aras and Elysium Announce Connector Solution for CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE to Aras Innovator
Press Release Issued by Aras
Aras and Elysium released the xPDM for Aras connector solution for data exchange between the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the Innovator PLM platform.

ITI Announces Latest Release of Proficiency, Offers Just-in-Time Data Conversion Options
Press Release Issued by ITI
Proficiency 15.0 supports associative conversion of PMI features between CAD systems and offers the DrawtoPMI tool for creating MBD parts.

Theorem Solutions Partners with Intrinsys
Press Release Issued by Theorem Solutions
Intrinsys will promote Theorem's products, focusing on the Publish 3D product suite, offering solutions for the CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE customer.

CCE Updates ODX Libraries for CATIA V5 by Providing Enhanced PMI and Persistent Id Support
Press Release Issued by CCE
CCE has announced updated PMI support for CATIA V5, and the ability to write the latest version of NX data.

Idex Solutions and Razorleaf Form a Strategic Alliance to Support PLM Implementations, Integrations and Migrations
Press Release Issued by Razorleaf
The partnership aims to enable faster PLM implementations and integrations for their 3DEXPERIENCE customers.

Fast MultiCAD Visualisation for ENOVIA SmarTeam with KISTERS 3DViewStation
Press Release Issued by KISTERS AG
The new option made possible by KISTERS and DESIGN RULE will enable SmarTeam users to view data from CATIA V5, Creo, NX, and SOLIDWORKS.

Tech Soft 3D Launches Tetra4D Enrich to Quickly and Easily Create Interactive 3D PDFs
Press Release Issued by Tech Soft 3D
Tetra 4D Enrich consolidates all required product information in one document including CAD, metadata, ERP or PLM attributes to make it interactive.