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The CATIA Star VAR Interview Editor's Note: What is the least that a new purchaser of CATIA should expect of a reseller? What does it take to be an outstanding VAR? Those are just two questions we put to the staff at Maverick Solutions, Inc., the value-added reseller chosen for our CATIA Star VAR Interview.

Despite outreach and education efforts by CATIA developer Dassault Systèmes and IBM (Dassault's Premier Consulting Partner and marketing arm), we still get questions from Community members about purchasing CATIA and utilizing training and support services.

So, we thought we'd ask the folks at Maverick Solutions, long-time CATIA VAR and award-winning IBM Business Partner, to add some insight into how a good VAR operates.

Why Maverick Solutions? We've heard nothing but good things about Maverick from our CATIA Community members, including one who recently offered this feedback: "I have had excellent support and training from Maverick Solutions in Toronto on Catia V5. They are honest, fair, and quite good at NC training as well as basics."

Good enough for us. In the following e-interview, Maverick Solutions staffers spell out what makes their company a stand-out VAR. A full list of IBM Business partners and information on support sevices can be found on the IBM website at

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ConnectPress: How long has Maverick Solutions been a CATIA value-added reseller?
Maverick Solutions: 12 Years

CP: Who are your principles?
Maverick: Paul Gascho is the founder of Maverick Solutions and has over 15 years experience with CATIA Sales, Design, Training and Support. He is actively involved in every aspect of the business.

CP: Tell us a little about Maverick Solutions' history:
Maverick: Maverick Solutions Inc. was founded in 1989 and has been an IBM Business Partner for over a decade. Before Maverick earned the coveted status of IBM Business Partner, we had to pass a rigorous approval process and continuously demonstrate that we provide outstanding technical expertise along with maintaining state-of-the-art facilities. Today, we're one of a handful of IBM Business Partners recognized for our experience and ability to deliver totally integrated solutions by winning the Blue Ribbon award given to outstanding business partners eight times in twelve years. Maverick has been delivering unique value by combining best in class products from Dassault Systèmes and best in class services from our expert staff.

CP: What are the top 3 to 5 reasons that potential customers give for deciding to purchase CATIA?
Maverick: Integrated analysis capabilities can make CATIA the most cost effective system compared with other CAD systems that require additional analysis add-on packages. CATIA’s surfacing capabilities make it the only choice in industries like aerospace and the best choice in consumer product design. Also, auto part suppliers must purchase CATIA in order to supply parts to manufacturers that have moved to CATIA

CP: What is the least that a new purchaser of CATIA should expect of any reseller?
Maverick: Full product support, training, 24/7 availability, knowledge of applicable product discounts and promotions. Plus extensive industry experience.

CP: What unique qualities make you stand out as a VAR? What strategies in particular have led to your success? What do you do that goes beyond the “basics”?
Maverick: We are not just a CATIA telemarketing firm, and our customers are not just numbers. Unlike the larger VARs, we take time (sometimes years) getting to know our customers before they even consider CATIA. This cohesive and honest relationship with our clients puts them at ease and allows us to take care of our customer’s needs.

CP: How often are your customers switching to CATIA from another CAD system?
Maverick: Almost all existing customers were using another CAD software before moving to CATIA.

CP: What are some issues for companies to consider when switching software systems, and how do you address these issues for your customers?
Maverick: A common issue when switching to a different CAD software is that a change is probably a complete waste of money unless the client also invests in quality training on the new product as well. Maverick offers an Unlimited Training package with CATIA that allows designers to enroll in any of our V5 courses during a six month period. The price is equal to just over 2 weeks of training, and for this the client can possibly get 10 weeks. Maverick offers over 10 different weeks of CATIA V5 training on our schedule, and manuals are included.

CP: Is legacy data a concern for your customer base? How do you address this customer issue?
Maverick: We offer a range of Product Lifecycle Management solutions to secure legacy data. This includes SMARTEAM and CONISIO. We also provide translation services.

CP: In what area do you place most of your energies (sales, customer training, customer support, accounting services, etc.)
Maverick: As a full service solutions provider, Maverick Solutions focuses equally on Sales, Support, Design, and Education.

CP: Describe a typical customer (size, industry, depth of experience with CAD/engineering, etc.)
Maverick: A typical customer would be a small or mid-size 3rd tier auto parts supplier that is established in the CAD / engineering industry.

CP: Does Maverick Solutions specialize in a particular customer niche?
Maverick: In both CATIA V4 and CATIA V5, unlike any other IBM/Dassault Systemes Business Partner, Maverick offers a full schedule of classes for each and every CATIA module – the most expansive offering in North America, if not the world-at-large. Maverick has been instructing in CATIA V5 from its first month of release, — longer than any other training organization.

CP: Describe one instance in particular when you helped a customer with a challenging implementation problem.
Maverick: Maverick Solutions was able to assist one of our major clients with seamlessly integrating local and remote designs of subassemblies into a product in a timely and efficient manner through the use of Web based tools and approaches.

CP: Describe your most challenging implementation (overall).
Maverick: We have implemented SMARTEAM for the largest SMARTEAM account in Canada in a multi-cad environment including web access to CATIA files.

CP: Describe the most fun/interesting CATIA project you’ve been involved with.
Maverick: Maverick Solutions has had the honor of working with one of the greatest architectural minds of our time. Maverick’s expert design team has successfully collaborated on numerous projects with Frank Gehry. Maverick’s designers were proud to be a part of the unique and enjoyable process of creating steel details from the architectural surface data. [Note: Famous architect, Frank Gehry of Guggenheim Bilbao fame, has relied on Maverick's CATIA skills many times. Other architectural projects Maverick has been involved in include Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles; Millennium Park, Chicago; and the Bard College Performing Arts Center, Hudson, N.Y.].

Editor’s Note: It should be mentioned that Maverick Solutions is located in the Toronto / Detroit corridor — the hotbed of Automotive Design in North America — and has years of experience providing design details for virtually every manufacturer of CATIA-designed automobiles, including Daimler Chrysler, Honda, and BMW. For more information on Maverick’s projects and services, visit the website at

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