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How to Create a Prism in CATIA V5 [[BANNER_MART]]

Mr. Michel Bonnamour offers yet another method to create a prism in Catia V5.

He says "it is more a pyramid that a prism. The default of the given solution is that you need to use Generative Shape Design and it is not exact. It uses an angle of 70.529 degrees taken from nowhere. My solution uses only a standard module of Catia V5 : Part Design. More, it is exact without complicate calculation."

Bonnamour responded to a Tips and Tricks proposition which featured another solution from Cadpro which can bee seen at Prism.

1. Sketch 1: do an equilateral triangle orientated as follow. The circle is centered on the origin.

2. Sketch 2: do an arc orientated as follows by projecting Sketch 1 and doing some construction elements.

3. Do a pad with the Sketch 1.

4. Use the Draft Angle button. Select the 3 vertical faces to draft and the bottom face for the neutral element. For the angle, click the right button and select Measure Item. Select the arc from Sketch 2 and validate. The prism is exact.

In addition: create a length parameter for the sides of the equilateral triangle. The prism will be easily re-sized.

Comments from our Readers

Thank you for introducing a nice method to creating a prism.
Can you please explain how to control the height of prism by using this method?

Submitted by: Sri Nivasulu, (11-04-06)

Please note that what you are constructing is a PYRAMID and not a PRISM, its a Triangular Pyramid or a Tetrahedron. A Prism is an extruded shape of a polygon.

Submitted By: Shafi AsafAli, (11-06-06)

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