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Latest Update to the V6 Platform Focuses on Compatibility of In-house and Third-party Products
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The launch of Dassault Systèmes latest update for its Version 6 (V6) PLM platform, V6R2012, is the latest step in the company’s ongoing focus on using its technology to create a unified digital manufacturing experience.

One of the ways V62012 achieves this goal is by expanding on the software’s interoperability with software products both within and outside of the V6 product line. In one example the ENOVIA V6 data management system has expanded the number of software products it can directly integrate with to include CATIA Version 5 and SolidWorks, as well as Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor, NX, Solid Edge and Adobe Creative Suite.

In addition 2012 adds to V6’s ability to interact directly with Oracle’s database technology. Plus with this release ENOVIA features over 3000 application programming interfaces (APIs) and 3DVIA Composer reaches about 500 API’s total.

Additionally, the update also includes support for interoperability solutions built on the XML format to allow for bi-directional exchanges between STEP and CATIA V5 formats with the rest of the V6 platform.

“When we talk to customers the subject of interoperability is often one of their biggest concerns,” explained Fabien Fedida, senior director for global marketing for Dassault Systèmes.

CATIA V6R2012 makes designing the plastic parts included in an automobile's body, much easier.

CATIA V6, the core CAD application of the V6 product line, also includes a feature designed to allow the software to connect directly with system controls products such as Simulink.

The latest update also allows CATIA users to use web-based systems to create a bi-directional interface within their ENOVIA implementation, allows users to track their requirements and 3D definitions across both CATIA and ENOVIA.

Further building on the newly added PDM functionality the software expands the capabilities of its mechanical CAD and electrical CAD tools by supporting the IDF file format.

In addition to interoperability improvements V6 2012 also improves the software line’s ability to operate within the manufacturing and supply chain spaces, thanks to Dassault Systèmes’ recent acquisition of manufacturing operations management tool maker Intercim.

Before being acquired by Dassault Systèmes Intercim spent 25 years developing tools designed to give manufacturers the ability to track data across PLM and ERP systems.

Dassault Systèmes integrated Intercim’s capabilities with the existing DELMIA infrastructure to create a tool called “DELMIA Global Production System Planning.” This will further expand the DELMIA product line’s ability to monitor and control operations of a global manufacturing operation.

“This is really the next step in PLM,” said Fedida. “The idea is to give users the ability to not only monitor operations on the shop floor but to allow them to create a digital continuity within their worldwide factory operations.”

Fedida went on to explain that they want to give users the basis for a digital infrastructure that will allow them to visualize all of their existing physical manufacturing operations and the way that these operations interact with one another.
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Published  08/11/2011 
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