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A Revolution in Simulation
It’s Time to Jump on the Democratizing Simulation Express

What if one had to be an expert in a specific subject matter in order to utilize related tools? For example,suppose that you had to be a licensed master mechanic in order to drive a car. It’s safe to say that the overwhelming majority of us would still be hooking the buggy up to Ole’ Nelly. While that may seem like an extreme example, the truth is that most organizations have essentially been operating in that manner for decades. For too long analysis has been the sole domain of the CAE experts. It’s time to empower your resources and democratize the use of simulation.

Traditionally most design, product development and manufacturing organizations have a resident CAE authority, or a small handful of experts, responsible for conducting CAD model simulations. Because of the importance of this phase and the complexity of its tools, analysis projects are generally funneled through this (often sole) resource. Sounds reasonable enough; so what’s the problem? Actually, there are several.

Limited simulation expertise within an organization:

- Creates project backlog and bottlenecks

- Stifles new product innovation

- Allows intellectual property to reside(and depart) with the individual

- Slows today’s accelerated product development processes

Revolution in Simulation (Rev-Sim.Org) is a new initiative created to support the Democratization of Simulation.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow clone your senior CAE resource(s)? What if non-experts could tap into such experience to safely perform even complex simulations? While this may sound futuristic, the truth is that a number of organizations are doing just that; and have been for some time. By leveraging a growing movement known as Democratizing Simulation,manufacturing, design, and other product development organizations are more fully maximizing their CAE investment.

The results are both numerous and game-changing:

- Accelerated product development cycles

- Superior brand image

- Improved quality with fewer warranty claims

- Increased market share

- A measurable and sustained impact on profitability

Democratization is really about business drivers for improved competitiveness. When fully leveraged, engineering simulation allows designs to be validated much more quickly. Similarly, allowing more people to explore and evaluate more design ideas significantly impacts product innovation, quality and manufacturability while reducing risk factors.

Taking Flight

The Democratizing Simulation train is quickly gaining momentum. For example, the CAASE18 (The Conference of Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering) event held earlier this year, featured no less than fourteen democratization-related presentations, papers, and case studies presented to more than 500 attendees from 264 global companies.That number is up significantly over previous years. But Democratizing Simulation is generating more than mere interest – there’s activity; and lots of it.
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Published 2018-10-01 00:00:00